The Eternal Glow Project

The Eternal Glow Project was a three part performance/installation series which premiered work at The Seattle Center Next50 (The Eternal Glow of Electric Hearts), On the Boards Northwest New Works Festival 2013 (Ω<1), and Lofi Arts Festival at Smoke Farm 2013 (Less than red, more than violet).

The Eternal Glow Project was a multi-disciplinary collective comprised of
Emmy Smith-Stewart
Jeffrey Azevedo
Amy Johnson
Madeline Marchal
Derek Ghormley
Charlie Spitzack
Taryn Collis

The Eternal Glow of Electric Hearts

The Eternal Glow of Electric Hearts was an interdisciplinary performance piece integrating sculpture, dance, text, and human-powered machinery. Through the frame of a World’s Fair exposition, this performance investigated the mythology of the future—the fragile landscape of promises built within ourselves, within our relationships, and by the industrial world of progress we inhabit.

This piece premiered at the Intiman Studio on September 7th, 2012 as part of the Seattle Center’s Next50 Festival.

Photos by Joseph Lambert - Jazzy Photo

Ω < 1 (Omega is Less Than One)

Ω < 1 is a dialogue about the end of the universe between longtime friends and collaborators Emmy Smith-Stewart and Jeffrey Azevedo juxtaposed with the tightly choreographed construction of a park bench sculpture. Created from conversations and events from their twelve years of friendship, Emmy relies on Jeff, a performer, electrical engineer, and science enthusiast, to help him create meaning by asking him to explain the end of the universe. Jeff and Emmy move through a poetic and scientific dialogue that utilizes stories from Catholic High School, near death experiences, and living in a black mold filled apartment as they wrestle with the classic existential questions of a meaningless universe experienced by a consciousness that demands meaning, and its inherent despair.

This piece premiered at the 2013 Northwest New Works Festival at On The Boards.

Photos by Tim Summers

Less Than Red, More Than Violet

Less Than Red More Than Violet is the third and final performance of the Eternal Glow Project. Taking place from sundown to midnight, seven performers invest in “temporary solutions” as attempts to sustain the light. Less Than Red More Than Violet was an exhausting durational performance in which the performers attempted to sustain an internal light (hope and survival) through various performance rituals. They also sustained the external lights run by human powered generators.

This piece was performed at the 2013 Lo-Fi Arts Festival at Smoke Farm.

Photos by Joseph Lambert - Jazzy Photo