Salvage Rituals
Upcoming - On The Boards (Seattle, WA)

Awaiting Oblivion
2018 - Time Based Art Festival (Portland, OR)
2017 - On the Boards (Seattle, WA)

The Perpetual Insurrection of Claude Cahun
2017 - Henry Art Gallery (Seattle, WA)

Big Trees Stir Memories. Live Water Heals Them.
2014 - Lofi Arts Festival (Arlington, WA)

The Eternal Glow Project

Less Than Red, More Than Violet
2013 - Lofi Arts Festival (Arlington, WA)

Ω < 1 (Omega is Less Than One)
2013 - On The Boards (Seattle, WA)

The Eternal Glow of Electric Hearts
2012 - Seattle Center Next50 Festival (Seattle, WA)